7 common breastfeeding problems and simple ways to solve them


Breastfeeding is supposed to be an awesome activity, calming and relaxing for both you and your baby but we all know that is just wishful thinking.

We  discussed  about the  benefits  of breastfeeding  in our last post and gotten feedbacks  from various  moms so we thought it was  best to take on  the problems  or challenges of breastfeeding.



Cracked Nipples

Do you feel pain while you’re breastfeeding?Try checking if your nipples are cracked this might be the problem.

What causes cracked  nipples ? Most likely dry skin or maybe your baby is not latching properly and might have caused you and injury in the process .


Try to position your baby in such a way that the lower part of your areola and the nipple is covered by the baby’s mouth instead of above the nipple.

2.Plugged Ducts

Good news you are producing a good amount of milk, but it’s quite painful
When your ducts are clogged ,

the area of skin/ tissues around the ducts get swollen and presses on the ducts causing you pain.


Just increase the number of times you breastfeed, the flow of milk should free up the clogging.

But before breastfeeding apply a hot towel on the breast or take a warm shower this would help soften the breast tissue.


Are you a nursing mum? and you are feeling feverish or some aches .

This is not a symptom of the flu as you might think. You have a bacterial infection most likely from a cracked nipple.


Antibiotics are required to treat the bacterial infection but please meet your doctor.





If your breasts are itchy or sore or you notice some rashes in them,this is a symptom of a yeast infection and you most likely got it from your sweet little baby!!


You should both(mother and child) visit the doctor for treatment. If only one of you gets treated the untreated person may still pass it on to the treated person.



5.High Milk Supply

This should be a good thing right? but that’s not the case. Your breasts are so full of milk that they swell up,this makes it difficult for the baby to catch the nipples and that’s a big problem.


If you notice that your breast are too full, try to pump out some milk .You can do this by gently squeezing your breast with your thumbs it or use a pump just before you breast feed.
Your swollen breasts should reduce a bit provide some area for your baby to catch on easily.


6.Your baby just falls asleep

There’s no cause for alarm (though your baby might be innocently starving grin




As soon as you notice your baby falling asleep, just squeeze your breast to increase the flow of milk and your baby will by instinct will start sucking.
The sudden flow of milk is like reminder( hey!! wake up I am trying to feed you)


If your baby tries to or actually bites you while breastfeeding
WARNING!!! Do not pull away,if you do(YOU WILL SURELY SCREAM!)


Instead of pulling away like your mind will tell you, push the baby closer using your breast to cover his nose and Voila!! the baby will let go in order to breath

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