ALLERGY- What causes allergies?Understand why you suffer from allergies.

My friend  Jenny  loves cats so much,though she has a cat allergy(her skin turns red with rashes) , she just cannot ignore the cuteness.

What is an  allergy?

An allergy is a situation where the body’s immune system reacts abnormally and mostly negatively to something (food, pets, etc)  that may or may not really  be harmful.

When you are allergic to something,your
sensitivity to that particular substance increases.


What causes an allergy?

Allergen– Anything that causes unpleasant reactions to the body

While people adapt to an environment or a certain substance,many others suffer damages when they come in contact with the same substance or expose themselves to the same environment.

The immune system overreacts to the substance or condition involved.

You mostly find out  that you are allergic to something when contact with the allergen causes unexpected reaction  or maybe  life threatening  reactions.

Allergens are generally harmless to every other person. On the first exposure to an allergen, the body produces anti-bodies to defend it against the supposed substance.

The more you get in contact with the allergen, the more the production of antibodies,the higher your sensitivity  to the allergen.

If the symptoms of an allergen is not taken care of in due time, it may interfere with daily activities and may possibly reduce the quality of life.


Types Of Allergy

Anyone maybe allergic to anything,although you can group  allergies under the following ;

  • Food Allergy

    This is an unpleasant reaction of the immune system after a particular meal.

    Any food can be an allergen ( egg, milk,potatoes, oats, sesame seeds, pepper, sea food,fish, wheat, mustard seed, etc.)

  • Drug Allergy This is the kind of reaction you get after taking a  type of medication. Some drugs react more than the others. Drugs like chloroquine,amoxicillin,penicillin , etc.
  • Skin Allergy

    The rashes or spots like eczema, boils, etc that occur after getting in contact with certain substances.

    This condition causes severe itching, rashes and redness of the skin.

  • Allergy to Animals

    The proteins  present in urine, saliva or skin of animals are responsible for this kind of  allergy

    Your beloved pets( cat, dog,birds, etc.) are common the  culprits. People  like my friend Jenny with an animal allergy experience coughing wheezing, hives and red itchy skin.


  • Latex Allergy

    Your body  reaction to proteins found in natural rubber latex causes this kind of allergic response. It is not curable but can be checked by medical prescriptions.

  • Insect Sting

    Excessive reaction of the skin when stung by an insect. To some people, insect Sting causes only pain that may last for two to three hours,

    while for some folks, the sting lasts for more than  two to three hours  or a very  long time and produces lumps on the skin.

Apart from the allergies listed above,here are some other  common allergens that  cause allergic reactions

  •  Asthma
  • Seasonal changes
  •  Mold
  • Poison Ivy
  • Dust
  • Sulphur

Features Of  An Allergy

  • The causative allergen is harmless most time
  • You can easily diagnose  and treat allergies   without  meeting your  physician.
  • Chronic allergies last for years
  •  Short term allergy disappears within some days to weeks.

General Symptoms

  • Sneezing.
  • Rashes.
  • Breathing instability.
  • Running nose or eyes.
  • Coughing or wheezing.
  • Serious pains.
  • Swelling of the lips.
  • Severe itching of body parts.

General Treatment

  • Stay away from  the allergen.
  • Take antihistamine drugs.
  • Medical diagnosis and prescription.
  • Don’t  forget to visit  your general physician


Disclaimer :This post is not an alternative for a professional  advice.It is basically  for informative  purposes .

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