An egg a day campaign

Did you know?
That having an egg a day, can keep the doctor away and also you don’t have to worry about eating one too many eggs.

Recent Research from China suggests that one egg a day had it’s own health benefits disregarding the idea that it might be a link to increased cardiovascular risks says prof N. Forouki, university of Cambridge.

“We ‘ve already got quite a lot of protein in our bodies, too much might stress the kidneys.”

“Though eggs may be a fantastic protein source,” Dr Franklin Phillips of the British Dietetic Association warns.

The British Heart Foundation disreputes the connection of eggs to an increased levels of cholesterol in the body

owing to the fact that the cholesterol contained in eggs are not harmful to our bodies

but instead the amount of saturated fats we take in are directly responsible for increasing levels of cholesterol in modern societies.

You really do not want to miss the goodies packed in one egg.

It contains protein, vitamins A, D, B and B12,lutein,zeaxanthin,magnesium,calcium,iron,carbohydrate,potassium,sodium.

Did you know that steady egg intake is important for a healthy pregnancy, weight management,healthy muscular generation and so much more.

One other amazing fact is that eggs are quite affordable !!

The nutritional goodness of eggs is not contestable,

we should not worry about the amount we take but instead how the eggs are prepared.


Egg do's and don't

Egg Do’s and Don’t s

  • Eggs are best consumed boiled or poached,frying the eggs adds to the fat content thus adding to the fat content thus increasing your cholesterol levels


  • You should cook the eggs properly to prevent food poisoning from bacteria or infections that the egg may be housing


  • Do not buy broken or cracked eggs as they may be infected.


  • Store in box and keep in a refrigerator (an egg has a shelf life of 28 days from the hatch date,frozen eggs last up-to 3 months) .


  • A well known trick for checking if an egg is still fresh is by putting it in a bowl of cold water,If it floats it’s OK but if not, throw the eggs away.


  • It’s important to ask your guest if he or she is allergic as some people may exhibit some allergies from egg consumption.


Common Egg Allergies  

  • Stomach ache
  • Vomitting
  • Diarrhoea
  • Redness and swelling of the mouth.

If your guest is not allergic, let him eat and be merry

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