RESEARCH-Cannabis Cure increases chances of surviving pancreatic cancer


Googling on the uses of cannabis ,your top results may border along recreational purposes

and certainly  not  as a  cure for  pancreatic cancer  as suggested by this new scientific study.


The Pancreas

 Diagram of a healthy Healthy pancreas
The pancreas

The pancreas is one of  the  many organs in the  body. It is a spongy  and tube- like, located   just  behind the stomach.

It’s  job is to secrete digestive  enzymes  and   hormones  like secretin  and insulation  for endocrinal functions



Pancreatic  Cancer


cancerous pancreas
pancreas with malignant tissues

This type of cancer reportedly has some of the lowest survival rates.Malignant cells develop  in the pancreas  preventing the pancreas from performing  as expected.

A recent study in mice suggests that a substance – cannabidiol, a naturally occurring cannabis compound could help remedy the problem.

CBD oil and cannabis plant Researchers are hopeful  that  the use of cannabidiol   in treatment will improve survival rates  for the cancer patients.


This type of cancer is treated by  removal of  affected tissue  in addition to  chemo but yet survival rate is still very poor.



Researchers from Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) in the United Kingdom,

and from Curtin University have conducted a study on a mouse model of pancreatic cancer, and come up with really  interesting findings.

The goal of the research—   to find out how cannabidiol (CBD) — a naturally occurring component of medical cannabis — alongside chemotherapy medication would improve survival chances  of pancreatic cancer patients.

The researchers focused on the potential of CBD rather than another cannabis compound, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), because the former does not cause psychoactive effects.

In the study  the researchers worked with a mouse model of pancreatic cancer, which they treated with CBD  in combination with “Gemcitabine”-a chemotherapy drug.


lab mice



From the experiment ,the mice treated with cannabidiol  and chemo survived almost three times as long as mice from a control group treated  with just chemotherapy.

“This is a remarkable result,” says Prof. Falasca  -member of the research team, adding, “We found that mice with pancreatic cancer survived nearly three times longer if a constituent of medicinal cannabis was added to their chemotherapy treatment.”


Really  Important : I have cancer, does it mean  I  am  dying? 


“The life expectancy for pancreatic cancer patients has barely changed in the last 40 years because there are very few, and mostly only palliative care, treatments available,”



The findings of this research  has  greatly improved  the  already gaining approval  of  CBD by the health  authorities in UK.

If further studies show that CBD is effective in improving cancer treatment, this could mean that doctors will be able to use it in cancer clinics immediately.



CBD  Human Trials?

“Cannabidiol is gaining approval for use in clinics, which means we can go on with human clinical trials,” says Prof. Falasca.

In addition  to the exciting results from the study, the researchers are hopeful that human trials will produce similar  results.

Lastly  how the  combination of cannabidiol and chemo   greatly reduces common side effects of chemo including nausea, pain, and vomiting.



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