Germs-A possible prevention of acute Lymphocytic leukemia


The popular advice -wash your hands!  might  be unhealthy  for your child as there might be a link between  germs and prevention of leukemia.

It seems that our trendy germ free life style is the cause of ALL(Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia) in children.

According to a study by Professor Mel Greaves with 30 years of proof pointing out how a germ-free immune system (both human and livestock)

during the early developmental stages of life can be more susceptible to leukemia.

This discovery actually means that ALL a common type of blood cancer in children is highly preventable.

The good professor further states that the disease has three stages

  • Unpredictable genetic mutations within the uterus.


  • The lack of germs during 0-1 year of the infant’s life , prevents the body from learning how to deal with infections .


  • Infections recurring and causing immune fail or malfunction.


Professor Greaves further states that the research suggests that ALL(Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia ) a cancer of the blood is clearly from a biological cause

and is triggered by a range of infections in children with underdeveloped immune systems.

Evidence that helped build the case

  • Breastfeeding This helps promote healthy gut bacteria thereby exposing the infant to bacteria thus reducing chances of developing leukemia.


  • Animals that were bred under pristine conditions seemed to develop leukemia easily, compared to others raised in a dirtier environment.


  • Natural birth exposes infants to germs, so children delivered naturally will less likely develop leukemia,compared to others delivered through cesarean.  .


  •   Children  have lower chances of having leukemia if they have older siblings who play with them,thus exposing  them to  germs .


“The purpose of this study is not to condone filth and unhygienic practices

but to increase the chances of preventing leukemia in children

by administering a safe, helpful combination of bacteria to children.”said Professor  Greaves.

This will help build up and train their immune system though the idea remains open for further research and development.


Dr Alasdair Rankin, the director of research at the blood cancer charity -BLOODWISE, said “We should not to be  afraid of this study.”

“since there is no known prevention for ALL and that it would be  beneficial to build a tough immune system.

So folks let us embrace germs(in a good way) in order to stay healthy.

Remember,good health is cheap,disease is expensive.

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