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Being a youth comes with a lot of uncertainties accompanied by sparks of curiosity in diverse areas of life, in this article we are going to be discussing just one of those areas…. FERTILITY, and specifically for the males.

Now I have this young friend of mine who is always paranoid about issues pertaining to his chances of getting a lady pregnant, according to him he gets paranoid simply because of his lifestyle. The big question is, is he supposed to be that way just because of his type of lifestyle? Guess we will find out in this article.

Fertility has to with the degree of being fertile, in other words your chances of getting a female pregnant which is usually measured by the quality of the Spermatozoa in the testicles of male human beings. Scientists have made it clear that there are certain factors that can negatively affect these sperms which are supposedly oriented to fertilize the ovaries of a fertile female to establish a state of pregnancy.

these include the following

  • Smoking cigarettes,
  • Alcohol Intake,
  • Lack of Sleep,
  • intense cycling.



Now you may ask “how can smoking  affect my fertility? I thought the only  risk was cancer?

Smoking has been shown to have a detrimental effect on various parameters of semen analysis. A cross-sectional analysis showed that cigarette smokers have lower sperm volumes, sperm counts and percentage of motile sperm compared to men who did not smoke,



Furthermore it was also suggested that the relationship between smoking and sperm concentration was dose-dependent, therefore men who smoked > 20 cigarettes per day experienced a 19% reduction in sperm concentration compared to nonsmokers, even after controlling for age, recent fevers, and duration of abstinence as well as disease in reproductive organs, Pretty interesting right? It was concluded that adult smoking resulted in moderate impairment of semen quality.

So Yeah! Smoking cigarettes can affect your fertility in a negative way, so if you are going to be smoking cigarettes, have the decency to know the degree of risk that follows.




Most people find it hard to believe the fact that alcohol can affect male fertility and this is very understandable because for many of us, alcohol is synonymous with relaxing, and for crying out loud, who doesn’t take alcohol? It plays a central role in our social activities.

alcohol and how it affects your fertility
alcohol and how it affects your fertility

But while alcohol can be a pleasurable way to relax and relieve stress, when consumed in large amounts it can threaten a man`s chances of fatherhood as well as his sexual performance.

There are a lot of studies out there to prove that alcohol can be extremely harmful to the male reproductive health,

it is toxic to the testicles and affects the all-important cells that are involved in making sperm and producing the male hormone testosterone and affects hormone production at the level of the hypothalamus and pituitary gland in the brain thereby upsetting the delicate balance for normal, healthy sperm production.

If you want to be father a child, then you have to check your alcohol drinking habits, drinking every day or binge drinking is definitely a practice to be avoided.




The benefits of a good sleep irrespective of age cannot be overemphasized, sleep not only impacts your desire for sex, but also affects your fertility. According to a Danish study published in the American journal of Epidemiology, sleep deprivation lowers sperm count in men.

Sleep Deprivation
Lack of Sleep


Researchers found that, of the study`s 953 subject, those who were sleep deprived had lower-quality semen than those who were not. This occurs because most hormone secretion is dictated by the circadian clock, your body`s natural cycle.

If your sleep cycle is interrupted, your body won’t release as many reproductive hormone, which affects overall fertility

There are a lot of reasons why people choose to intentionally deprive themselves pf sleep, students want to study overnight, young factory workers plan to do an overtime for those whose operations have no time restrictions so they end up not having a good night rest, I hope this article gives you a second thought about issues similar to this.




Cycling is an excellent form of cardio exercise, it helps burn calories which is evident when you find yourself sweating after cycling for a while, it impacts core strength and renders overall fitness.


There has been a misunderstanding on whether or not cycling affects fertility which made many to overreact and stop cycling, not that their fears are unwarranted but taking up cycling as a recreational activity or exercise don’t have an impact on man`s sperm health in a big way.

However if you indulge in a long-distance cycling it can in a way affect sperm quality, the Clinical journal of Sports Medicine in 2015 took into account the effects of long-term low-to-intensive cycling training on semen parameters in male road cyclists,

the conclusion of their research was that it was seen that semen volume, sperm motility, sperm morphology, sperm concentration and sperm counts were low after the intense training got over and it remained low even 30 days after the training got over.

This gives a hint that intense cycling can affect the sperms in one way or the order. Since the exercise has an effect on the reproductive health of a man, sufficient rest should be taken after each session to help the testicles recover from the strains of the previous training session.

So yeah! My good friend I mentioned in the beginning of this article had a good reason to be paranoid on issues about fertility simply because of his type of lifestyle.


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